Red Plaid Migrate

Discover your infrastructure

with Red Plaid Migrate, a discovery and inventory management tool that gathers, analyzes, and centralizes the infrastructure data you've always wanted in one place.

Shed light into the depths of your environment

View and use data about your environment better. Taking a deep dive into your server data, Red Plaid will help uncover the information you need to expedite your architecture planning and migration timeline, easily manage your server inventory, test compatibility of new software, validate server configuration, and more.

Asset Discovery & Inventory Management Tool

Everything you need to manage your cloud environments from a centralized dashboard.

Thorough Environment Management

Better planning, better outcomes, better ROI

  • Analyze and map servers, applications, and workloads across your environment
  • Endless reporting options so you get the information you need
  • Go beyond discovery and assessment to manage inventory, compliance, security, capability testing, and more.

Quick, efficient, and thorough: assess in two minutes or less

In two minutes or less per server, Red Plaid can produce an overview of a server’s resources and installed applications.

Red Plaid Migrate


Application Analyzer Module

Gather detailed information about installed applications for each server in your environment.


Automated Dependance Mapping

Monitor network activity to build application groups automatically for a detailed map of your server connectivity.


Numerous Connectivity Methods

Can function agent-less, through an installed agent, or with an appliance server deployed inside of your network. Choose the option that’s right for you.


Create Server Templates

Build templates with detailed server and application query criteria to test software compatibility or validate a server meets required configuration parameters. Or take a snapshot of an existing server to compare it against others in your environment.


Automated Server Tagging

Servers are tagged and roles defined automatically based on installed applications and server templates to quickly outline a server’s purpose.


Platform Agnostic

Works in any environment for any compatible server, whether it’s bare-metal, private cloud, or public cloud. Track the full inventory of your hybrid environment.


Quick Execution

Perform a server assessment to get useful data about a server within minutes and analyze an entire environment in a matter of hours.



All data is encrypted in transit and at rest. Server access is validated with a secure signature. Server information is purged regularly and available to purge upon request.


Reporting Engine

Build custom reports to return compatible servers and quickly get the data you need. Save and export reports to track changes in your environment or share information with others.

Common Use Cases

Migration Discovery & Assessment

Compliance Management

Inventory Management

Software Compatibility Testing